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Tembea Nami Girls and Women Project

The girls and women project was established in 2023, so as to support, mentor and empower young girls and women who go through so many challenges. This is so as to help prevent early marriages, school dropout and to build their self-esteem.
Also to investigate the empowerment of women and girls and its relation with mental health during difficult situations.
We target young women from humble family backgrounds and girls who are facing challenges in life.

OUR MOTTO: Give Hope and Share Hope

OUR AIM: To uplift young girls to responsible women and help them achieve their goals.

More about the Girls project

Our Goals

The project is meant to promote:

  1. Health awareness
  2. High self esteem

This will help them to take responsibility of themselves health wise and strive to live healthy lives while supporting their families. 


  1. Poverty
  2. Peer influence
  3. Drug addiction

The challenges they face lead to:

  1. Early marriages
  2. School drop out
  3. Low self esteem
  4. Drug addiction

Young women empowerment entails:

  1. Training women in groups
  2. Education women on different aspects of life
  3. Support young women owned businesses
  4. Speak out against gender-based violence
  5. Mentor them
  6. Educate them on good finance management skills
  7. Skills development
  8. Personal development training
  9. Psychosocial support

Girl child empowerment entails:

  1. Help them have a high self esteem
  2. Educate them on mental health issues
  3. Encourage the dropouts to make the right choices
  4. Educate them on the disadvantages of early marriage
  5. Educate them on the disadvantages of undergoing female genital mutilation
  6. Skills development
  7. Personal development training
  8. Psychosocial support