Children Well-Being Program

1: Education

As it is in the constitution, every child has the right to education, the same applies to the children in the children’s home. At Springs of Hope the children are provided with the basic education as long as they under the care and protection of the children’s home and become responsible citizens. The Springs of Hope Children’s Home has an own private school at the same compound which allows easy and safe access to the school. Also over one hundred students from outside the home are attending the school.

2: Caring for the HIV children

The home has a number of children who are HIV positive. They are taken good care of and all their special needs are met. Due the regular medication and nutritious food, they are staying stable, healthy and with good adherence to medication. The children go to the doctor’s appointment to be checked up with their weight and height to keep track of their progress.

3: Counseling

Counseling sessions are held for the child to have a chance to talk about their thoughts and issues privately with a trusted person to get support and advice. This is meant to help them to be mentally stable.

4: Spiritual well being

The Children are attending the church regularly every Sunday. They get religious education; participate in church activities, such as singing and dancing, which leads to their spiritual growth. It also improves and strengthens the feeling of belonging to a community.

5: Outdoor activities

We allow our children to have every day their time to play and have fun. They engage in activities such as hiking, nature walks, games and visits. These activities help them to be physically fit.