Meet our Director

Our Director

Mrs.Grace Kiboi

My name is Grace Nyambura Kiboi. I started Springs of Hope Children’s Home in the year 2007 at Safari hotel after an encounter with two children who were selling charcoal in town. I intended to give them food, but later ended up providing them with not only food but alsoclothing. In due time, the number of needy children increased and majority of them were total orphans. I identified a place in the village where they could get food, but later realized that they were not being served as I intended and they had other needs like medication, education, clothing, shelter and spiritual nourishment. I also realized most of the children were neglected due to their status. I opted to have a safe place for them where they can call a home and grow up in a safe environment, to be responsible citizens and serve the community.

Now there is hope for them, the children get all the basic needs just as other children who have families. I thank God they have a home and people to call their brothers and sisters.